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Find & Share Joy Around the World on the #JoyTrain 

*** Expressions of Joy ***

Smiling at a stranger    *    Hugging a friend

Breathing deeply   *    Enjoying the present moment

Opening your heart   *    Making a new friend

Empathy without criticism or judgment   *   Feeling deeply understood

Accepting yourself and others     *   Connecting heart-to-heart

Telling your story   *   Releasing emotional pain

Loving your inner child   *    Appreciating the person in your mirror

Considering new possibilities   *    Changing beliefs and expectations

Setting yourself free with forgiveness    *    Seeing sparkly eyes

Dancing in the sunshine   *    Walking in the rain

Doing random acts of kindness    *    Paying it forward

Encouraging others   *    Creating a loving support system

Overcoming fears    *    Accomplishing life-long goals

Appreciating the beauty of nature    *    Feeling awe and wonder

Growing your faith muscles   *    Experiencing everyday miracles

Heart-felt gratitude   *    Laughing spontaneously

Speaking gently with love and kindness    *    Win/win conflict resolution

Considering mind-expanding ideas    *    Going on new adventures

Chasing beautiful rainbows    *    Counting the stars at night

Discovering the true joy of service   *    Making a difference

Celebrating together    *   Finally finding 'home'