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Find & Share Joy Around the World on the #JoyTrain 

Why Use #JoyTrain?

#JoyTrain is a way for all of us to promote for each other ANYTHING we are doing that contributes to creating more JOY in the world.

Your quotes and products don't have to use the word JOY, but they can be anything that relates to love, joy, peace, kindness, service, presence, oneness, personal growth and etc.

The purpose of this campaign is to promote JOY and all the things that transform people's lives to JOY. It's also a way to share what is important to ALL of us.

How To Use #JoyTrain

There are just 3 steps to using #JoyTrain:

1. Search #JoyTrain on the Search Bar on Twitter until you see the list of tweets from others. (Be sure to click on 'ALL tweets' at the top of the page, NOT 'TOP tweets.')

2. Re-tweet as many tweets as possible from others on #JoyTrain.

(To avoid re-tweeting people who are spamming #JoyTrain but not participating, check the person's timeline and make sure they are also re-tweeting other #JoyTrain tweets.)

3. Share any tweets you would like to have us re-tweet by using the hashtag #JoyTrain in your tweet. Then sit back and enJOY other people re-tweeting your important tweets!

Remember, the more we re-tweet each other, the more we ALL win!

Participating in #JoyTrain Tuesday

Tuesday is #JoyTrain Promotion Day. What that means is this:

1. During the week, you can tweet with #JoyTrain as much as you want. It's a way for all of us to be connected and see each other's tweets.

2. On Tuesday, please limit your #JoyTrain Tweets to 1 or 2 tweets about YOU and YOUR Messages, Books or Products that YOU want to promote. It's really okay to promote yourself here!

By limiting the Tuesday tweets to only what we most want to promote, ALL of us can re-tweet to support each other, without having to search through all the other tweets .

3. You CAN send your 1 or 2 Tuesday promotion tweets again every hour, so that people are able to find what you want to have re-tweeted.  

Get Weekly Updates About #JoyTrain

We'd love to keep you updated about what's happening on #JoyTrain! We've got some great ideas that will benefit ALL of us that we're currently working on implementing.

To receive weekly updates about current offerings, just SIGN-IN in the membership box in the top right column of our Home page.