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Find & Share Joy Around the World on the #JoyTrain 

Kari Joys, M.S. is a globally-recognized psychotherapist, a highly-skilled seminar leader and a best-selling author. She is best known for her JoyIAm Heart-Centered Process of Integrative Psychotherapy that consistently transforms pain into joy and helps ‘lost souls’ blossom into happy, healthy people.

Over the years, thousands of people around the world have benefited from Kari’s powerful and compassionate work through her psychotherapy practice, her workshops and trainings and her presentations on radio and TV. Follow Kari on Twitter at @KariJoys or visit her website at

Rock Christopher @RockChristopher is Co-Creator of the #JoyTrain Campaign. Rock is President of the Rock Christopher Agency. is a Brand, Digital Marketing, Social Media, & Public Relations Agency. He has won national awards in Advertising & Public Relations.

He created the #RockInNetwork, network of Twitter

accounts reaching 100 million people weekly (

He is ranked in the Top 1% of Social Media Influencers

on and was a Finalist for #KeepGoodGoing.